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    Like I said at the end, subscribe and you could win $10,000!

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    You must be a millionaire 💰 💵

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    Bob Ross

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    The fortune cookies remind me of SpongeBob

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    Mr beast is Santa claus

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    Man I love your content so epic its a blessing, I am always watching your channel an thank you so much for your time and efforts in bringing the us all your awesome content everyday, man you lot are so cool its almost unreal😎

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    yo can jimmy or anyone make a rap out of this clip cuz we love chandler? :) 4:27

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    D Starr's of the country and the second half survey

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    4:27 I don't know why I laughed so hard

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    Hey Mr Beast(Jimmy) may you please come to South Africa...I'm a huge fan

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    PewDiePie 4 life mrbeast comment on this comment

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    ❤️ your videos .

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    I love PewDiePie

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    9:45 lol

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    The 250000 dallors box is a house that’s the reward cuz it’s size

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    It amazing 🥳🥳🥳

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    I want the tractor. I’ve been looking for one with a front end loader lmao and the cab is just that much cooler (and it has ac)

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    Chris: bob ross Me: I wish I could disagree with you Chris but he taught me how to paint and its my life! Without it I wouldn’t be brown ho I am today! Bob Ross saved my life even after he died! I could never thank him enough. Thats probably TMI but ya. Love your videos mr beast! Hope you see this, probably won’t tho. Love you!!!

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    I'm so disappointed and I dont want to belive these videos are real anymore. I spent money this past year buying my boyfreind and I signed shirts black shirts with blue logos. Neither one of the shirts was signed 😔 super disappointed

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    all sause's man ?????

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    April was my bday! I love your vids!

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    Mrbeast:short of what we payed Me:struggles to get 500 dollars

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    Bob ross

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    I hope i can win 10k$... Fan from philippines... Hype mr.beast....

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    dude that pick the box:aye fred anything in the back fred:yeah

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    Honey is the only sponser i listen to

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    guy: *AY FRED ANYTHING IN THE BACK?* him again pretending: *y a* my dude again: *hold on lemme check-*

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    Black guy screaming makes me have joy because i know he was happy

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    Good luch for black guy because he gives me happyness

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