[FULL ALBUM] W E N D Y (웬디) - Like Water (1st Mini A L B U M)

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[FULL ALBUM] W E N D Y - Like Water (1st Mini A L B U M)
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#웬디 #LikeWater #WhenThisRainStops #WhyCantYouLoveMe #TheRoad #BestFriend
0:00 - 1. When This Rain Stops
4:04 - 2. Like Water
8:25 - 3. Why Can't You Love Me?
11:14 - 4. The Road
15:29 - 5. Best Friend


  1. revel kiss
    revel kiss
    13 gün önce


  2. blink midzy my army teume nctzen carat
    blink midzy my army teume nctzen carat
    14 gün önce

    She's the best 3rd Gen Main Vocalist!!!

  3. Chomi
    22 gün önce

    When this rain stops hits hard man, I can feel wendys emotion flowing ☹️😢

  4. Princess Punzalan
    Princess Punzalan
    25 gün önce


    28 gün önce

    Hi, Imma fan of Wendy, and I just wanna say this... I know this is a very long pandemic, but let's heal ourselves slowly LIKE WATER and WHEN THIS RAIN STOPS, I promise you, God will lead us to THE ROAD that we always wanted. So, WHY CAN'T YOU JUST LOVE all of the people in this world, not hate? Let's just be BEST FRIENDS forever!!!! (Please like this comment :D This just can out of my mind!!)

  6. wkwkwk ily
    wkwkwk ily
    29 gün önce

    She's super good at singing. I'm having a heart attack everytime I listen to her voice but also get healed after from Wendy's heavenly voice too 💙🌊

  7. SEGUBRE, Paul Andrew C.
    SEGUBRE, Paul Andrew C.
    29 gün önce

    Why can't you love me is everyone's aesthetic.

  8. Thitiwan Lentas
    Thitiwan Lentas
    29 gün önce

    may i know which song is her title track?

    1. wkwkwk ily
      wkwkwk ily
      29 gün önce

      "Like Water" and "When this rain stops"

  9. hanah park
    hanah park
    Aylar önce

    SM pride wendy❤️ lucky sm...

  10. Rezwana Haque
    Rezwana Haque
    Aylar önce

    The road seems like some of iu song

  11. Venz Ashley Marie Chua
    Venz Ashley Marie Chua
    Aylar önce


  12. emerald tea
    emerald tea
    Aylar önce

    The road slaps

  13. Blueming Lilacs
    Blueming Lilacs
    Aylar önce

    Please spare a few minutes and vote for Wendy on Mwave M Countdown. Today is the last day.

  14. Madison Cain
    Madison Cain
    Aylar önce

    son seungwan supremacy

  15. Leo Fuenzalida
    Leo Fuenzalida
    Aylar önce

    God I wish Wendy and Seulgi were ina girl group together, that would be pretty cool

    1. emerald tea
      emerald tea
      Aylar önce


  16. Christine Dela Peña
    Christine Dela Peña
    Aylar önce


  17. Sittie Jo-anna Padilla
    Sittie Jo-anna Padilla
    Aylar önce

    She gives me goosebumps 😭❤️

  18. Lalalisa_ M
    Lalalisa_ M
    Aylar önce

    Sm really is the home of vocalist and visuals.

  19. Harlie Royce Monje
    Harlie Royce Monje
    Aylar önce

    I'm here waiting for the album i pre-ordered to arrive. Damn, it's worth every penny.

  20. damin park
    damin park
    Aylar önce

    This album really slaps 🔥🔥💯💯

  21. I’ll change my name once they notice me on weverse
    I’ll change my name once they notice me on weverse
    Aylar önce

    Seulgi and Wendy have to perform best friend live one day!!! The performance is gonna be so cute😭❤️

  22. 킴안찌
    Aylar önce

    걍 웬디 언니의 특징 그런게 잘 나온 곳 이라서 되게 좋고 엄청 나게 좋다 진짱 엄청

  23. Nayrubi Osorio
    Nayrubi Osorio
    Aylar önce

    Wendy demostrando la calidad vocal que posee. No decepciona.

  24. minatozaki sana
    minatozaki sana
    Aylar önce

    wendy world domination

  25. minatozaki sana
    minatozaki sana
    Aylar önce

    3:05 that high note omg she is everything

  26. Jen Sing
    Jen Sing
    Aylar önce

    Everybody I've played this song for has ended up loving it :) Easy to see why. ^^

  27. anisa nurraudah
    anisa nurraudah
    Aylar önce

    The road really gave me Taylor's folklore vibe. I thought for a moment she is going to sing exile from the piano intro lol.

    Aylar önce

    I'm sorry wendy I discovered you very late ♥️♥️😍

  29. katheen co
    katheen co
    Aylar önce

    i love all the songs and my ultimate favorite song in this album is when this rain stops.

  30. Freak Accident
    Freak Accident
    Aylar önce

    This album made me feel like I was on the clouds 😭

  31. 사랑해.
    Aylar önce

    I didnt rlly like the title track that much so i decided to listen to the b-side tracks and ngl i prefer them over the title track

  32. D
    Aylar önce

    제발 goodbye느낌 노래좀 ㅜ

  33. Abril Arballo
    Abril Arballo
    Aylar önce

    I love this album i will hear this when its a saturday night and its raining and im playing roblox with my besties

  34. Nurul Sabrina
    Nurul Sabrina
    Aylar önce

    i can feel the duet Wendy & Seulgi familiar like the two duos from Barbie and the Diamond Castle , Liana & Alexa

  35. Funny Unicorn
    Funny Unicorn
    Aylar önce

    I thought I heard her whistle in "The Road".

  36. firstmaster 15
    firstmaster 15
    Aylar önce

    Her songs is like an ost in a Kdrama 💓💓

  37. Ahmad Arsyad
    Ahmad Arsyad
    Aylar önce

    follow ig wendy now !! @todayiswendy

  38. Ahmad Arsyad
    Ahmad Arsyad
    Aylar önce

    plissss on trending.. 🙏🙏

  39. Natyn lo
    Natyn lo
    Aylar önce

    All the lyrics reminds me of wendy's past time when she was stuck in the hospital to overcome all the injuries since September 19. It's like its okay to stop for a while, you will be okay, etc i mean ALL lyrics

  40. Josa Two
    Josa Two
    Aylar önce

    Truthfully I started paying more attention to her after the injury. I had heard a few songs by red velvet and her voice always stuck out to me. I am glad she has gone for a ballard album. Good job Wendy it's a good album.

    Aylar önce

    su voz me da tranquilidad.

  42. BiGTravels
    Aylar önce

    ODG brought me here. I've heard of Wendy from my niece's RedVelvet fandom, but wow she really is amazing.

  43. Faith Fully
    Faith Fully
    Aylar önce


  44. Wangs Last
    Wangs Last
    Aylar önce

    The only comment section that i have given more than 5 likes on a comment. Good vibes only.

  45. Inês Costa
    Inês Costa
    Aylar önce

    I guess this is currently my ranking (because it may change with time hahahaha) 1 - When this rain stops 2 - Like Water 3 - The road 4 - Why can't you love me and Best Friend

  46. Enriquinho Soarez
    Enriquinho Soarez
    Aylar önce


  47. Husna Najwa
    Husna Najwa
    Aylar önce

    All songs are really really really good😭😍😍and her voice, I keep melting on😳

  48. Phil Lee
    Phil Lee
    Aylar önce

    Fact: This album is a masterpiece!

  49. Yuta's secrettime
    Yuta's secrettime
    Aylar önce

    She isn't the popular one, BUT SHE IS THE BEST AND SKILLED ONE.

    1. KPOP Music한국 팝
      KPOP Music한국 팝
      2 gün önce

      위너는 못 하는게 뭐에요 다 좋은 위너 노래 모음♥┃PLAYLIST

    2. hwa chuu
      hwa chuu
      9 gün önce

      @no I mean we can hold her accountable. But still love her

    3. The Milk Uyu
      The Milk Uyu
      20 gün önce

      @no uhh, do better on your hate comments pls.. Imma head off because you're boring as hell

    4. no
      20 gün önce

      @The Milk Uyu yeah i am proud of being a wendy hater that’s why i celebrated when she broke her face

    5. The Milk Uyu
      The Milk Uyu
      20 gün önce

      @no Same, comebacks be getting lamer and lamer. At least you admitted to being an oldie Wendy hater. Be proud ig ☺️

  50. wolf sonn
    wolf sonn
    Aylar önce

    Super sweet - powerhouse of a voice - love the harmonies on "Best Friend"

  51. Hey Dubu Yo
    Hey Dubu Yo
    Aylar önce

    Suara wendy menyejukkan

  52. Shekinah Eve 시카이나 이브
    Shekinah Eve 시카이나 이브
    Aylar önce

    i was just listening to best Friend without knowing Seulgi was in it, i was like "hold up, that sounds like Seulgi, what?!?"

  53. SuYeolYam
    Aylar önce

    The Road is the best song for me. 💙

  54. Kyungsoo Supreme
    Kyungsoo Supreme
    Aylar önce

    "When this rain stops" is really comforting and healing. It has the same vibes with Future and You better know by Red Velvet that no matter what problem or situation you have right now, eventually it will get better 😍

  55. Now i know now i know
    Now i know now i know
    Aylar önce


  56. boringsiot
    Aylar önce

    holy mother Wenresa, she held back in Like Water, but When This Rain Stops is just balls out, man!

  57. I’ll change my name once they notice me on weverse
    I’ll change my name once they notice me on weverse
    Aylar önce

    Wendy should just release a Christmas album. She has the perfect voice for it!

  58. Athif Ramadhan
    Athif Ramadhan
    Aylar önce

    This is a amazing album

  59. Kairos Chan
    Kairos Chan
    Aylar önce

    if wendy and taeyeon collaborate.........

  60. Indriana Patricia Panggalo
    Indriana Patricia Panggalo
    Aylar önce

    Love all this song😭😭❤️❤️❤️

  61. miarchmwt
    Aylar önce

    As expected from SM main vocal

  62. karlinda
    Aylar önce

    Wendy sing emotional song 😭❤️

  63. ホタルァ
    Aylar önce

    This whole album is diamond!

  64. hey im a cat
    hey im a cat
    Aylar önce

    I really like The Road ❤️😭 Thank you for this beautiful and amazing album.. you deserve the best solo carrier Wendy ahh ❤️ Our vocalist Wendy, great job 👍👍👍👍👍

  65. Most Important Part of Myself
    Most Important Part of Myself
    Aylar önce

    All songs are so beautiful

  66. Most Important Part of Myself
    Most Important Part of Myself
    Aylar önce

    Best album

  67. O M
    O M
    Aylar önce

    Id love an Onew Wendy duet album

  68. Maricela TS
    Maricela TS
    Aylar önce

    Anyway this entire album will be played at my wedding, y'all are invited.

  69. yellow bean
    yellow bean
    Aylar önce

    wendy's rain stops

  70. Minh dương
    Minh dương
    Aylar önce

    I love you wendy unnie

  71. Remus Pierre
    Remus Pierre
    Aylar önce

    Beautiful voice

  72. Huy Tuấn
    Huy Tuấn
    Aylar önce

    *harmonious twerking*

  73. kuescydilla
    Aylar önce

    Like Water makes me cry ;w;

  74. Mel Obis
    Mel Obis
    Aylar önce

    Pure and sincere tracklist ✨💧

  75. V.
    Aylar önce

    The Road is my favorite

  76. [. Ecrin .]Rena'nın prensesi
    [. Ecrin .]Rena'nın prensesi
    Aylar önce

    When can this rain stops like water ? 💙

  77. suzume_
    Aylar önce

    Dang all her songs are SO good

  78. tom affolter
    tom affolter
    Aylar önce

    Wendy is a goddess.

  79. Xoë Suejung
    Xoë Suejung
    Aylar önce

    The Road reminds me of something IU would've sang some years ago. It has a very nostalgic quality to it and I think it's just great.

  80. Wangs Last
    Wangs Last
    Aylar önce

    Like water sounds like a soundtrack to a heartbreaking ost.

  81. papajaehyun
    Aylar önce

    Main Vocalist of our generation we miss you

  82. Sarah Saket
    Sarah Saket
    Aylar önce

    wendy and baekhyun need a collab asap, both of their albums are making me either *SAD TWERK* and *AESTHETIC TWERK*

  83. Hardworking Allele
    Hardworking Allele
    Aylar önce

    I know others will hate for saying this. I am a once, but Wendy is my bias in RV. The soulful essence Wendy has, I think, in Twice, I have only found in Mina's and Jeongyeon's voice. I am not comparing the vocals btw. If Jeongyeon was an SM trainee, she would surely be included in Best Vocalists. But U know, JYP's vocal training sucks.

  84. MegLow
    Aylar önce

    Not a fan of RV but "Why Can’t You Love Me?" is actually a really good song

  85. archi chira
    archi chira
    Aylar önce

    i like this song 💙

  86. september clouds
    september clouds
    Aylar önce

    *wendy rain stops*

  87. MY_æspa. Redvelvet
    MY_æspa. Redvelvet
    Aylar önce

    Every song Wendy makes is the best, our beautiful Queen 👑 I wish I could tell her how much she means to me and other reveluvs ♥️😫

  88. Karen sofia Quinto cuesta
    Karen sofia Quinto cuesta
    Aylar önce


  89. Hernrh
    Aylar önce

    This is masterpiece ❤❤❤

  90. haleh vafai
    haleh vafai
    Aylar önce

    Wendy the fairy of water🧚🏼‍♀️

  91. Reginaldo Nado
    Reginaldo Nado
    Aylar önce

    an album that shows all the love for her fans very beautiful, support her a lot.

  92. Yurei Juman
    Yurei Juman
    Aylar önce

    Can we talk about wendy choosing seulgi for my best friend song T T

    1. Lash Laroo
      Lash Laroo
      Aylar önce

      I'da been PIST is she chose Irene.

  93. O’drey Delgado
    O’drey Delgado
    Aylar önce


  94. Rafaela Oliveira
    Rafaela Oliveira
    Aylar önce

    maior vocal da geração

  95. Victor Nguyen
    Victor Nguyen
    Aylar önce

    The entire album sounds like any other artist can pull off if they were to produce a non-pop/non-generic dance number. It's just a simple stripped down album but will garner in millions of views and streams due to her being Wendy.

    1. moa channel
      moa channel
      21 gün önce

      You are absolutely an idiot

    2. Rajkhan Muhammad Nur
      Rajkhan Muhammad Nur
      Aylar önce

      you sound so stupid, I doubt you realize that.

    3. Chance.J
      Aylar önce

      when you say “any other artists” who are those that you can compare to wendy’s immaculate voice? when she’s literally the best vocalist of her generation in kpop. I won’t accept if you would give me names such as taeyeon, ailee, luna or other powerhouse vocalists coz we all know they are not just “any other artist” more so they don’t normally released “generic/pop songs”. Also it’s not wendy or red velvet’s fault that they are focusing more on releasing great music and solid discography than producing commercial and mainstream music. Of course it would garner millions of views and streams because SHE IS WENDY, the vocalist of her generation, the woman with an incredible voice and great technique.

    4. Si_ Mutifandom _ch_
      Si_ Mutifandom _ch_
      Aylar önce

      And? We don’t care, Wendy vocals are the main reasons why almost everyone even start to stream the songs 😏

    5. Jeffrey Chi
      Jeffrey Chi
      Aylar önce

      you're an idiot

  96. Meli GC
    Meli GC
    Aylar önce

    I don’t know what the others think but I can feel this album was made with a lot of love ... I don’t know how to explain it but the topics of the songs and the content of the whole album makes me feel like all the people who contributed put their souls to make it possible.

  97. Hoseok -dy
    Hoseok -dy
    Aylar önce


  98. Sofí Silky
    Sofí Silky
    Aylar önce

    no les pasa que ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨la caratula del álbum✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

    1. Blargh
      Aylar önce

      Es lo más hermoso que hay 🥺 además es todo azul ❤️❤️❤️

    2. Yoss SG
      Yoss SG
      Aylar önce

      Es bellísima. :')

  99. curls_n_ kimchi
    curls_n_ kimchi
    Aylar önce

    Best friend made me cry the tears I was holding in from the road😭

  100. DonKJB
    Aylar önce

    Did Wendy grow up in the 80s n 90S??? This is what popular music sounded like. Feel like she took me back 2 the future.. Whitney Mariah Celine Anita--even MJ.. can hear it all. Her parents generation BiG time.