Golden Buzzer: Nightbirde's Original Song Makes Simon Cowell Emotional - America's Got Talent 2021

America's Got Talent
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Simon Cowell gives Nightbirde the Golden Buzzer after her beautiful performance of "It's Okay." Nightbirde chases her dreams and proves that she is so much more than her cancer!
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Golden Buzzer: Nightbirde's Original Song Makes Simon Cowell Emotional - America's Got Talent 2021

America's Got Talent


  1. Yvette Davis
    Yvette Davis
    56 dakika önce

    What a amazing beautiful soul.. I cried from happiness. Thank you 🖖🏾✨

  2. Ming Ling Wong
    Ming Ling Wong
    56 dakika önce

    She's so inspirational, so talented and so beautiful

  3. Ejin Athena
    Ejin Athena
    57 dakika önce

    Im cryinggggggg 😢😭

  4. m_8_friends
    57 dakika önce

    The lifes we live can be sometimes compressed by the natural situation's that occur in human existence.... Nightbird's actually the simple definition of persistence... I didn't give and I she'll never give up..

  5. Anthony Adams jr
    Anthony Adams jr
    57 dakika önce

    You the man Simon wow what a moment

  6. ชิดา สุนทรพฤกษ์
    ชิดา สุนทรพฤกษ์
    57 dakika önce


  7. Jose Voltaire Sagles
    Jose Voltaire Sagles
    58 dakika önce

    She chose to look at that minute 2%. And made the rest of her time filled with joy!

  8. Sofie Sulaiman
    Sofie Sulaiman
    58 dakika önce

    Beautiful song. Wonderfull lyric

  9. Jaranporn Lertsahakul
    Jaranporn Lertsahakul
    58 dakika önce

    You deserve the golden buzzer night bird 👍🏻

    59 dakika önce


  11. ĶÝ ĹÂ
    ĶÝ ĹÂ
    59 dakika önce

    awww hehe im crying 😢

  12. Ajah Emmanuel Chinaemerem
    Ajah Emmanuel Chinaemerem
    59 dakika önce

    You can wait until life isn't hard anymore before you decide to be happy, 2% isn't 0%. I'm making a promise to myself today, that no matter how hard things might get I will always be happy. I pray 🙏 that she will be healed completely.

  13. Alfon Umblas
    Alfon Umblas
    59 dakika önce

    This is amazing songs

  14. Mimi eji
    Mimi eji
    Saatler önce

    So beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. Jessica Wulandari
    Jessica Wulandari
    Saatler önce

    Her voice reminds me of Halsey's voice

  16. barbie
    Saatler önce

    Honestly i always watched it again and again and still i couldn't stop my tears. I like her voice and her possitive personality.

  17. Mike D
    Mike D
    Saatler önce

    This performance made me realize something about why I can get emotional for some of these auditions.. its not bc of how bad of a situation a person is in.. but its how a person will raise themselves up when they have every excuse and opportunity to feel victimized by their circumstances..

  18. Handreano Ngefak
    Handreano Ngefak
    Saatler önce

    Gw merinding njir 😯❤️

  19. Vita
    Saatler önce

    She deserves a more than YES ❣, and also that was more waaay than a OKAY 💯💯 so incredible

  20. Dakerlang Chyrmang
    Dakerlang Chyrmang
    Saatler önce

    The dislikes people will go to hell

  21. Brian Mboya
    Brian Mboya
    Saatler önce

    We live among Angels and truly night bird is one. God Bless you are healed in Jesus name.

  22. Ashleigh Hennessy Official
    Ashleigh Hennessy Official
    Saatler önce

    She reminds me of halsey

  23. Gisselle Mae Gruezo
    Gisselle Mae Gruezo
    Saatler önce


  24. Jorgen Dedja
    Jorgen Dedja
    Saatler önce

    You changed a millions lives sweety! ❤🙏

  25. Tamsin Lawrence
    Tamsin Lawrence
    Saatler önce

    What a stunningly beautiful voice. Praying for this amazing woman

  26. hithlar khaklary
    hithlar khaklary
    Saatler önce

    What is the name of this beautiful background music after ball ring

  27. Topp Channel
    Topp Channel
    Saatler önce

    Her voice, her story😍God bless her soul.

  28. perrie x daily
    perrie x daily
    Saatler önce

    if she didn’t have cancer she would have barely went through… her voice isn’t that special and the song is far from it

  29. DynamicZ PlayZ
    DynamicZ PlayZ
    Saatler önce

    I hear a bit Ellie Golding in her WOW awesome unique Voice God Bless Her Soul I WISH the BEST FOR YOU 😍❤️❤️

  30. jesus ramirez
    jesus ramirez
    Saatler önce

    "2% is better than 0%" - Nightbirde

  31. tanuj mainrai
    tanuj mainrai
    Saatler önce

    She's beautiful inside out ❤

  32. Soul Healer
    Soul Healer
    Saatler önce

    God please heal this beautiful soul very very soon and please grand her all the best things in life and we be fortunate to see her healed, grown and we hear her for years and years to come 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  33. Arjohn Orolfo
    Arjohn Orolfo
    Saatler önce

    Ittsss.. ok😍😍😍

  34. Y-Antidote
    Saatler önce

    Omg she is amazing ❣️❣️ and what a charming girl 😍

  35. Marijana Barac
    Marijana Barac
    Saatler önce

    Kakav caroban glas ❤️

  36. ali babà
    ali babà
    Saatler önce


  37. Kho dee Impo
    Kho dee Impo
    Saatler önce

    This made me burst into tears😭🧡

  38. Ju Sungji
    Ju Sungji
    Saatler önce

    halsey x ellie gouldine in one

  39. Dimpho Garth Koontse
    Dimpho Garth Koontse
    Saatler önce

    I pray that you fully recover because your voice is going to heal most of the living yet dead souls out there! Amen

  40. Abdur Rahman Niloy
    Abdur Rahman Niloy
    Saatler önce

    I can't stop my happy tears!

  41. Marcos Taira-平良マルコス
    Marcos Taira-平良マルコス
    Saatler önce


  42. Lam Lam
    Lam Lam
    Saatler önce

    Gút lai

  43. pia’s corners
    pia’s corners
    Saatler önce

    I found my song. Thank you Nightbirde.

  44. Rosa Delima
    Rosa Delima
    Saatler önce

    You will be my inspiration... Keep strong, sista..

  45. Jaka Rata
    Jaka Rata
    Saatler önce


  46. Rajendra Pun
    Rajendra Pun
    Saatler önce

    Jesus bless you sister 😇

  47. Darwis Hr
    Darwis Hr
    Saatler önce


  48. Ruel Royo
    Ruel Royo
    Saatler önce


  49. Aileen De Leon
    Aileen De Leon
    Saatler önce

    Truly amazing soul! Thank you for inspiring us! May God bless you more. Praying for your healing ❤🙏

  50. Oksana Prusova
    Oksana Prusova
    Saatler önce

    "You can't wait until life isn't hard anymore, before you decide to be happy". Unfortunately we need hard times to realize how happy we are with what we have.

  51. Péter Balogh
    Péter Balogh
    Saatler önce

    Now I cried myself so beautiful ❤🥰

  52. giean cruz
    giean cruz
    Saatler önce

    What a great voice so angelic and heartfelt❤

  53. iamsteven 1216
    iamsteven 1216
    Saatler önce

    Goose bumps 👏👏👏

  54. Paul Newman
    Paul Newman
    Saatler önce

    Beautiful girl. I sooooo hope she wins this fight. If they could put as much money and resources into fighting cancer as they did for Covid, I’m convinced we’d have a cure by now. So why aren’t they? Also, the quote she gave was very powerful and we should all live by it. When it comes right down to it. If you, family and close friends have health then you should be dancing in the rain because that’s what matters most!!!

  55. Dieze Sothu
    Dieze Sothu
    Saatler önce

    Bless you Simon for making her feel soo happy ❤

  56. pongen er
    pongen er
    Saatler önce

    Wow she's amazing... Can some please tell me the name of the song it played when golden buzzer was pressed ?

  57. My Lucky Treasure
    My Lucky Treasure
    Saatler önce

    Heart breaking song!! How would u feel if u know that u can’t live for next year onward?

  58. chidozie ngozi
    chidozie ngozi
    Saatler önce

    Some agency @denim can sign her. She has got a great body. I wish u the best of everything in life

  59. Cln Uy
    Cln Uy
    Saatler önce

    𝘸𝘦 𝘢𝘭𝘭 𝘥𝘪𝘦 𝘪𝘯 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘦𝘯𝘥 𝘣𝘶𝘵 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘴𝘰𝘯𝘨'𝘴 𝘨𝘰𝘯𝘯𝘢 𝘭𝘪𝘷𝘦 𝘧𝘰𝘳𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘳.

  60. Diki Julkarnain
    Diki Julkarnain
    Saatler önce

    Saya Pengen Trending Juga😄 #Dikijulkarnain

  61. Diki Julkarnain
    Diki Julkarnain
    Saatler önce

    Saya Pengen Trending Juga😄 #Dikijulkarnain

  62. honorata76 honorata76
    honorata76 honorata76
    Saatler önce

    bardzo czysto zaspiewane. ale... podobny glos ma wiele dziewczat ktore spiewaja przez ostatnie 6 lat.

  63. Rudy Mulja Rukmana
    Rudy Mulja Rukmana
    Saatler önce

    2 percent is something. That's positive

  64. Manusia Hebat
    Manusia Hebat
    Saatler önce

    Indonesian people, where are you?? 👋

  65. AOYDS
    Saatler önce

    I only saw a clip on Tik tok which lead me here. I hadn't heard the part in which she mentioning having been ill. I teared up before she started to sing.

  66. Laura 1984
    Laura 1984
    Saatler önce

    Did AGT help her financially??

  67. hassan taufik
    hassan taufik
    Saatler önce

    I just can't have enough. She is so inspiring....its ok its ok its ok...

  68. Anupama
    Saatler önce

    Life never stops being hard. We gotta choose to be happy. She said it. She is so beautiful and strong ❤️

  69. Natakyu
    Saatler önce

    5:11 damn i started to :') almost tears when hear what she said

  70. Dwi Puspita Sari
    Dwi Puspita Sari
    Saatler önce

    Thank God I'm watching this amazing video 🥲🥲🥲

  71. CNN Legendary
    CNN Legendary
    Saatler önce

    I never felt so inspired before this one 😭😭😭

  72. Flamingo
    Saatler önce

    I can't believe 4.9k idiots, thumbs down this video.

  73. Karel Vlček
    Karel Vlček
    Saatler önce

    She is an angel ❤️❤️❤️

  74. Mohit Rathi
    Mohit Rathi
    Saatler önce

    am not cryin

  75. Olvichristo -
    Olvichristo -
    Saatler önce

    Beautiful soul

  76. Daniel Loureiro
    Daniel Loureiro
    Saatler önce

    She's so beautiful... A beautiful smile...please, stay with us.

  77. Auxiliadora Cruz Santa
    Auxiliadora Cruz Santa
    Saatler önce

    Stay strong.God blessed you 🙏🙏❤

  78. Robin Kahlon 21
    Robin Kahlon 21
    Saatler önce

    Is it terry?

  79. Jay Pi
    Jay Pi
    Saatler önce

    So where is she now? 2 per cent to survive? Until when?

  80. Jen Vincur
    Jen Vincur
    Saatler önce

    God I am praying she beats it and is there to perform in the live shows. She’s just amazing.

  81. D4LT0N
    Saatler önce

    i pray she will heal and win!

  82. Moodywriter
    Saatler önce

    I'm crying so hard with that 2% is not 0%

  83. Manueli Vunivalu
    Manueli Vunivalu
    Saatler önce

    She's a beacon of hope for the world's lost souls 😢

  84. helen ogbeche
    helen ogbeche
    Saatler önce

    Me trying to hold back my tears "Simon presses the golden buzzer" Me- here comes the waterworks

  85. voilet whiso
    voilet whiso
    Saatler önce

    Omg 😪😪😪 I'm literally crying right now😭 this is so beautiful and moving ❤️

  86. venz blen
    venz blen
    Saatler önce

    i remember grace vanderwall while im watching her . looks and voice there is a similarity

  87. Jen Vincur
    Jen Vincur
    Saatler önce

    She sounds a little bit like Halsey to me? Anyone else hear it?! She has a beautiful voice 😍🥺

  88. Lei H
    Lei H
    Saatler önce

    So your positive energy beautiful soul. 2% is definitely something amazing 💪

  89. Summer Solstice
    Summer Solstice
    Saatler önce

    I wish my mom was as strong as she is

  90. Nana noodleman
    Nana noodleman
    Saatler önce

    The silence even made it more impactful, she made it through everyone's heart. God bless you maam!

  91. indy laes
    indy laes
    Saatler önce

    What a beautiful voice❤️

  92. Lyraa隻
    Saatler önce

    God bless you jane.l'll pray for you

  93. Yudi Pitra
    Yudi Pitra
    Saatler önce

    I believe in miracle....

  94. Werner Boshoff
    Werner Boshoff
    Saatler önce

    Such a treasure! May you feel and share the love of everyone here and above all the Gods love for you.

  95. Lina Linz
    Lina Linz
    Saatler önce

    Ini penontonnya banyak banget gak takut pada kena lagi ?

  96. Niki Sz.
    Niki Sz.
    Saatler önce

    Olyan a nő mint mikor bemutatják a mesterséges intelligenciával rendelkező robotot, a mimikája, a mosolya, minden 😅

  97. Ziggy Kesteven
    Ziggy Kesteven
    Saatler önce

    Kinda sounds like halsey

  98. Ellen Hajie
    Ellen Hajie
    Saatler önce

    It's OKAY Nightbirde - it's alright to be lost sometimes 🔥🔥🔥💯✔